Feedback from DP…

Feedback from DP…

I received feedback from my mentor on Distributed Proofreaders. She said my work is very good, which is a tremendous confidence boost. I admit that I was very nervous when I submitted my first pages. The proof was not 100% because I am still getting used to the instructions (there are a lot).

Since then I have been working on more each day and received a little more feedback the next time. I did one more with feedback from a mentor and she suggested I try some of the other same level proofreadings.

I took her advice and started that today. I am working on “For the Freedom of the Seas” by Ralph Henry Barbour. It follows a seventeen-year-old through his journey of being attacked while on his father’s merchant ship during WWI, his enlistment in the reserves, and victory in the seas.

I am having a lot of fun proofreading, really enjoying it… wish I had more time in the day, but my day job still calls. I can’t wait for the day I can call my self a full-time professional proofreader.


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