My journey so far…

My journey so far…

I have spent the last few months researching the type of internet business that I want to pursue. I dug deep into content writing, copywriting, blogging, internet research, white papers and the like. I think I went a little too far and ended up with internet overload. Not a good place to be. I had a goal and no idea how to reach it.

It came down to copywriting vs internet research. After additional extensive research, I decided that an internet research specialist is what I want to be. I am always the first to one to research when someone has a question or a health issue. I love digging and I won’t stop until I find the information I am looking for.

I love the idea of a busy professional having extra time because they gave their research to me. The idea tickles me. 🙂

For the business end of things I knew I would have to reach out for guidance. After some research, I found the Blog Marketing Academy. The Academy lessons teach you, “start to finish”, how to build a business online. David Risley’s way of training is conversational and to the point, not at all condescending. Not only does he talk about the issues, he always offers a solution. His solutions are easy to understand but if by chance a question pops up, there is always the Community. The Community is filled with people eager to help you, . . . even David often goes in there and answers questions.

Where in my journey am I now? I just obtained the training materials to study to become certified as an Internet Research Specialist. Yay! There is a good amount to study. I am estimating a couple of months or so to complete the training to where I am ready to take the exam. I will keep this site up to date and let all know how it’s going. Thank you for reading… :o)

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